Hi! I’m Ania Wiesak. Nice to meet you! 

I spent the majority of my life eating a notch above the standard American diet, treating my body poorly and otherwise not paying much attention to my health…

Until I got sick.

I learned quickly there are a lot of things mainstream medicine fails at. Vague symptoms of fatigue, joint pain, nerve pain, brain fog and blood markers clearly showing inflammation and autoimmune markers didn’t seem to faze the doctors. I wasn’t sick enough for them, but I was struggling to function. They weren’t going to fix me so I finally took my health into my own hands.

I had heard about the paleo diet but never looked into it or thought much of it. I finally read what it actually was (spoiler: it’s not just eating a lot of meat) and it clicked instantly. It just made sense. We’re just animals in nature put into a human zoo of modern living… of course we’re all sick. Genetically we’re not much different than our ancestors and our bodies can’t keep up. I grew up loving nature, leading backpacking trips, hiking whenever I could, thinking from a natural perspective resonated with me. I had “dieted” many times in my life, never more than a month or two, and here I am today eating healthy for 4+ years.

It’s because I didn’t find a diet, I found a lifestyle. I connected dots. I finally understood why something was good or bad and why. Many of the things I once thought true were not. I didn’t have to eat low calorie garbage to lose weight. I just had to eat real food. And you know what? Real food tastes good. 

And I felt better. A good 80% better. Nutrition and lifestyle changes fixed 80% of my health problems. The fact that nature can do that for you is incredible. I’m still on a healing journey but I can’t imagine where I’d be at if I had continued down the same path of poor lifestyle choices.

I’m just a new woman, a woman of the paleo persuasion, what can I say.

I have three main passions in this world. The first is nature. I’ve loved nature since as long as I can remember and always will.

Second is travel. I hit 50 countries recently and have been to 49 states (damn you Alaska). I took a year off a few years back and traveled the world. Swam in a lake with a million jellyfish, toured Mongolia in a rickety old Russian van, and trekked the Himalayas in Nepal.

The third is health. It took me a long time to get there, but here we are. I’m finally taking my passion online with the intent of helping people on their health journey.

I’m a certified Primal Health Coach and a big picture kinda gal which is why I created Live Clean Nourish. It’s about investing in your health and joining a paleo inspired, natural minded community. It’s about ditching diets and joining a lifestyle. It’s not about losing weight but about GAINING health.

Oh, and I forgot to mention… I had a baby. I had a relatively good pregnancy and a successful natural birth, which I attribute to my healthy lifestyle. Now I’m raising a rambunctious healthy eating toddler who doesn’t know what a goldfish or animal cracker is. In this modern world I won’t be able to keep it that way for long, but I sure can try! My focus is not on parenting, but expect the mama card to come out here and there.

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