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Hi, I'm Ania. I'm a natural living, primal advocating mom of a crazy toddler.

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Live Clean Nourish is about the whole. Health is more than food and exercise. Going even further, it’s more than sleep, stress, and good relationships.

We live in modern times and are constantly bombarded by a world we were not designed to live in.

We’ve evolved over millions of years, but the modern world that our bodies deal with every second of every day has only existed for up to a few hundred years (many of the chemicals we’re exposed to) or a few thousand years (modern agriculture).

As a result, if we want good health we need to treat our bodies and our environment in a way they understand. Our genes don’t adapt that fast.

Obviously, times have changed. The food we see today isn’t the food our ancestors ate. We’d be hard pressed to avoid breathing in polluted air or drinking water without impurities. Modern life is great: I wouldn’t want to be a caveman and I certainly wouldn’t trade it to go back in time. That being said, we can live as optimally as possible with an understanding that perfection doesn’t exist. I don’t live off the grid, and I don’t want to. I like my computer. If I’m in a car accident, I sure as hell want someone to stitch me up. It’s not about perfection, it’s about being realistic about the world that you live in.

There are many lifestyle changes that one can make to optimize yourself for living in today’s world. Live naturally, purposefully, connect with others, enjoy sunshine and spend time in nature. Clean your environment and body from everyday burdens, use clean ingredients in your products, and fuel yourself with ingredients you can pronounce. Nourish with real food that doesn’t come in a box. Let food be thy medicine.

Live Clean Nourish to good health.


Sunshine ♦ Nature ♦ Play ♦ Love ♦ Connect ♦ Restore ♦ Mindfulness ♦ Purpose


Clean products ♦ Clean Living ♦ Clean Environment ♦ Clean Food ♦ Clean Ingredients


Eat Real Food ♦ Nutrient Density ♦ Let Food Be Thy Medicine

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There's more to health than calorie counting and point values. Let's take our health to the next level!

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