Eating healthy is the highest form of self-respect

How much is your health worth?

Ever heard the mantra, health is wealth? It’s so true. I mean without health, what would we have?

Health is what lets us get up each morning and do the things we need to do, it’s what lets us go out with friends, it’s what lets us take a walk outside and enjoy nature.

For many, you don’t really understand how important health is until you don’t have it. No one wants to be a pessimist and think about a life where they aren’t able to do the everyday things they love to do.

And I’m all about positivity. I really am.

But I still think it’s important to recognize that our health could be fleeting and that we have one body and one life to live.

And that’s what brings me to one of the most important things you can do for your health.


There are many ways to love yourself but taking care of your body is the highest form of self-respect.

Let’s give our bodies the respect they deserve

Eating real food is self-love
Reducing toxins is self-love
Exercising is self-love
Managing stress is self-love
Improving sleep is self-love
Spending time outside is self-love

Be kind to your body.

Taking care of yourself is the epitome of SELF LOVE.

We have an ability to make positive changes towards our health. That means WE have at least some control of our destinies.

Did you know that those positive changes can reduce your risk of disease and help you live a more optimal life?

We are the CEOs of our health.

With the right motivation and right attitude, we CAN take charge of our health. We can put the puzzle pieces together. We can connect the necessary dots.

Of course, it’s not always so simple. This health transformation stuff is hard! Which leads me to my next big takeaway:


We’re a work in progress. I’m a health coach and I don’t always do the things I preach (yeah.. I’m human). I struggle sometimes. I make mistakes. I don’t make all the right decisions.

But I get right back up. I keep truckin. I make progress.

Our choices day in and day out matter. But they aren’t everything. One poor choice here or there is probably not going to make or break your health.

It’s about making better choices overall and not burdening ourselves or feeling ashamed for the occasional mishaps.

When we love ourselves and give our bodies the respect they deserve… we also forgive. We all have our own paces, our own struggles.

Tomorrow is always a new day.

Unfortunately, sometimes our struggles aren’t about our choices, they are about the people close to us. Not everyone is going to understand why you make the choices you make. Sometimes, friends and family are outright hostile.

So not only do we need to learn to self-love and take charge, we need to learn to have a “screw em” attitude. You’re doing the right thing for your health and you should never feel ashamed for that.

We need to have confidence and glory for our decision to take charge of our health. And self-love. Lots of self-love.

Until tomorrow.

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Hi, I'm Ania. I'm a natural living, primal advocating mom of a crazy toddler.

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  1. Christa September 23, 2018 at 8:13 pm - Reply

    Thank you for your message of progress not perfection! I needed to hear that today. I sm currently following an AIP diet to help heal my gut but decided to have drinks with friends this weekend and am not so proud that I caved. I have been following Mark’s daily apple for years (have been diagnosed w/non celiac gluten sensitivity). I was so sick for so long and refused to givd up. I found this site through your success story- congrats! It is an amazing thing to feel really good.
    I hope in the future to save and become an NTP.
    Best wishes to you!

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