It’s not about counting calories and point values

It's not about counting calories

You need to change the way you think about food.

It’s not about calories.

It really, really isn’t.

Yes, if you overeat you will likely gain weight, and in that sense, calories matter. You can’t eat 4000 calories a day and expect to lose weight. Calories matter, but a calorie isn’t a calorie.

Your body doesn’t treat calories the same. How that calorie is burned and used by your body varies tremendously. For instance, in this study, your body expended 50% LESS energy to digest junk food.

What does that mean?

That your body burns MORE energy (aka calories) when you give it REAL FOOD. So 2000 calories on a whole food diet is much more likely to help you lose weight than 2000 calories on a processed food diet.

Crazy, huh?

This is why… It’s not about calories.

In addition… the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients in that calorie matter. There’s so much potential in the food we eat.

Our food is our FUEL. Our NOURISHMENT.

What you put into your body determines how you feel day in and day out. It impacts your immune system and helps influence whether you’re going to catch that cold going around or how long it lasts.

AND over time, how you fuel your body has a significant effect on your risk of chronic disease.

By removing processed food, added sugars, vegetable oils and focusing on high quality nutrient dense food… you reduce inflammation, improve your immune system, ensure adequate nutrition, give your body what it needs to repair itself, improve gut health and sleep better.

That’s awesome, right?

That’s why the number one priority for a healthful diet should be removing processed food. Although eating nutrient dense food is crucial… It’s more important what you take off your plate than put on it. That’s what’s weighing you down the most. If you remove processed food, all that’s left is real food. And sure, there’s a lot of debate on what real food is and a large spectrum on quality… but let’s get to that another time.

Processed food isn’t food at all, it’s food like product.

It’s made in a lab with some fancy technology that depletes it of any nutritional value. Those nutrients you see on the label? They are likely added back in and manufactured from petroleum or in some fashion equally as off putting.

Those ingredients you can’t pronounce?

Sure, on a one off basis, not a big deal. They aren’t going to kill you (quickly anyway). But when you take meal after meal, day after day, year after year of random chemicals, working in synergistic fashion, it becomes a problem.

It’s a very slow poison, but a poison indeed.

Poison: a substance that is capable of causing the illness or death of a living organism when introduced or absorbed.

Yep, that’s it. Poison!

Let’s stop counting calories and start counting chemicals.

Evolution hasn’t equipped us for highly processed foods stripped of nutrition, high sugar foods, trans fats, food dyes, preservatives, artificial fillers and empty calories.

By instead fueling yourself with real food, you will be in a much better position to thrive. Isn’t that what we all want?

Unfortunately in today’s mainstream nutritional advice, it’s not always so simple. What constitutes “real food”. What is nutritious? This isn’t always clear.

There’s a lot of bad advice out there.

Vegetable oils for heart health. Healthy whole grains. Stay away from saturated fats.

These are myths perpetuated by industry interests. Poor nutritional advice is just one of many things we have to overcome to achieve optimal health.

“Industry-sponsored nutrition research, like that of research sponsored by the tobacco, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries, almost invariably produces results that confirm the benefits or lack of harm of the sponsor’s products, even when independently sponsored research comes to opposite conclusions.”
-Marion Nestle

On the Paleo front, we are revolutionizing health. More and more research, recent and mostly independently funded, is proving conventional wisdom wrong. (Like this meta analysis of 135000 people that showed a correlation between high fat diets and lower risk of mortality).

Food has an incredible power to heal… the problem is that most people don’t know that (or don’t believe it). It’s ingrained in our minds that if we have diabetes, or heart disease, or a number of other chronic conditions that our fate is set in stone.

This is not true.

Food and accompanying lifestyle changes can’t heal everything (sometimes life is just plain bad luck), but we have so much more power than most realize.

Let’s change the way we think about food and treat it as the FUEL it is.

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    Oh my gosh! I couldn’t have said it better!! 🙌🏻 Thanks for putting this out into the world!! There are so many people who NEED to read this.

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