Little known iPhone hack for better sleep

iphone hack for better sleepI’m more addicted to my iPhone than I care to admit.

I’m fully aware that artificial blue light at night suppresses the secretion of melatonin. It’s not good for our circadian rhythm, it’s not good for our health, and some research even shows that it can increase the risk of major chronic diseases, including cancer.

It’s complicated so I won’t get into the details of why you should avoid blue light at night. If you’d like a quick catch up, please read the following article from Harvard Health Publications:

Why you want to avoid blue light at night

So you want to use your iPhone at night but you don’t want to be exposed to blue light?

What I used to do is wear fancy amber tinted glasses, but now that I co-sleep with a toddler, that doesn’t work very well. There’s no way my toddler is wearing amber tinted glasses. Not because I wouldn’t think to do such a thing, but because he’ll rip his and mine off in 2 seconds flat. I’m usually on the phone AFTER he falls asleep, but the light still brightens up the room and I think he’ll wake up in a second at the opportunity to play with my glasses. I want my baby to have his melatonin! In addition to having a lamp with an amber light bulb…

I utilize a little known iPhone hack to make my screen red.

This is not to be confused with the iPhone’s nighttime mode which tints your phone (that’s useful too), this makes your phone RED. Your entire screen is overlayed with a red filter. You must have ios 10 installed for this to work. I have an iPhone 6, I haven’t confirmed it works on earlier versions but I assume so.

The way this is done is using the iPhone accessibility features. First you’ll set up your color tint, and then you’ll enable an accessibility shortcut to switch back and forth in 3 easy clicks. (There are many steps so this is not something you want to do every night!).

iPhone Settings -> General -> Accessibility

And then follow the directions below:

Step 1: After getting to the Accessibility screen (iPhone Settings -> General -> Accessibility), Turn ON Display Accommodations

Display accomodations iPhone

Step 2: Select Color Filters

Color Filters iPhone

Step 3: Turn ON Color Filters

Color filters iphone

Step 4: Select Color Tint, and drag Intensity and Hue to the far right side

Color filters iPhone

Step 5: Access Accessibility shortcut at the far bottom of the Accessibility screen (iPhone Settings -> General -> Accessibility)

Accessibility Shortcuts iPhone

Step 6: Select Color Filters

Accessibility shortcut iPhone

Now, click 3 times! Clicking 3 times should take you back and forth between regular lighting and red lighting! Magic!

Turn on your new found red screen while you lay in bed on your iPhone, and let your melatonin thrive!

p.s. The setting will turn your phone screen red, therefore, anything that is red on the screen (i.e. a red button) will no longer be visible.

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  1. Chevelle July 4, 2017 at 2:13 pm - Reply

    Very interesting- I never knew that a.) you should avoid blue light at night and b.) how to do this with your iPhone. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Amy July 4, 2017 at 10:46 pm - Reply

    Great tip! I’m really susceptible to blue light causing insomnia, so I’m so glad I found this.

  3. Amy July 4, 2017 at 10:47 pm - Reply

    Thank you for the tip! I have horrible insomnia and I’m sure my phone isn’t helping.

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