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Hi! I’m Ania Wiesak.

I’m a certified Primal Health Coach and owner at Live Clean Nourish and PALEOinsight. I’m passionate about health and even more passionate about the power of taking an ancestral eye to our health decisions. I believe that diet and lifestyle factors are the drivers for much of our health problems which puts YOU, the individual, in the driver’s seat.

Let’s revolutionize what it means to be healthy and live the vibrant lives we’re supposed to. Learn more about my story

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Want to get healthy but don’t know where to start? Try my self-paced 10 week course, Paleo Lifestyle Bootcamp. Navigating the world of contradictory nutrition and health advice is tough. But you don’t have to do it alone. Learn more about getting the support you need

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PALEOinsight is a paleo news aggregator site that compiles blogs from across the paleosphere in one easy place. You’ll never run out of things to read, watch or listen to! Let the nerding begin…

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Paleo junkfood is still junkfood (and why I eat it anyway)

There are no shortage of paleo dessert cookbooks, fancy bars and paleo cookies. Us paleo folk are really, really good at finding replacements for every standard junk food item out there. Paleo donuts? We’ve got em. Paleo doritos... Siete nacho flavor fits the bill. The heart of the paleo diet is all [...]

Natural cleaning products for healthier living

The following is a guest post from Emily at Crunchy Mama Science. Emily Brown is a Medical Laboratory Scientist gone crunchy stay at home mama who blogs over at Crunchy Mama Science about simple, healthy living with a side of the science behind natural living! For Ten Easy Steps Toward Natural Non-Toxic [...]

It’s more important what you take off your plate than put on it

When it comes to the world of healthy eating, there are a lot of different schools of thought. I'm a little bias towards an ancestral perspective, as following our biology makes the most sense (we are animals after all), but to give credit to some of the other diets out there (not [...]

Intermittent fasting is all the rage, but should it be?

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor nor claim to be. Please seek medical advice should you choose to begin a fasting protocol. I won’t keep you in suspense. I think intermittent fasting is all the rage and with good reason (mostly). Before I get into why, let’s talk about what intermittent fasting is. [...]

There's more to health than calorie counting and point values. Let's take our health to the next level!

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